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Hello, and welcome back to PROP.architecture! I am very excited for this post, because this week is the first of 9 in my PROP.reads | 9 Books in 9 Weeks challenge!

This week’s book was Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done by John Acuff. I chose to read this book first because it was actually the inspiration behind the PROP.reads challenge.

Like many other books, I bought Finish and began reading it, but shortly thereafter, for one reason or another, left it behind to gather dust. In the book, Acuff highlights and explains the reasons that prevent us from finishing. Using a combination of humor and real-life experiences, Acuff presents a very relatable account of what it takes to actually finish.

If you are like me and need a little push to help you transition from just a “starter” to a “finisher,” this book is perfect for you. If you really want the full experience, you’ll have to pick up a copy for yourself!

The Day after Perfect

Why is it that we always have a habit of starting things without finishing? Why do I have all of those books on my desk with bookmarks a quarter of the way through? Acuff proposes that the day after perfect is the most popular day to give up on our goals. The day after you miss that one early morning workout is the day when you stop working out altogether. Because you missed a day, your goal of working out everyday of the week is no longer possible. The day after you decide to go to bed early instead of read that one chapter is the day you put the book down for good, because your detailed reading schedule has been ruined. Perfectionism is the thing holding us back from finishing.

Acuff’s perfect illustrations of real-life examples of the day after perfect really hit home for me, because I personally was guilty of exactly what he was saying. Like many others, I set goals for myself, only to give up the day after I realize I can no longer complete it perfectly. Getting past perfectionism is the first step to leaving behind the “starter” mentality, and progressing toward becoming a “finisher.”


This was by biggest takeaway from Finish. And it is also what is driving me to complete my PROP.reads challenge. I know that understanding how to get past the day after perfect is not only the foundation for finishing self-imposed goals, but it is also setting the stage for a more successful understanding of how to function as a small business owner.

The practice of finishing combined with the other personal development principles I will read about in the remaining books will no doubt help me determine how to ultimately succeed in whatever lies ahead. I hope you’ll continue to join me on this very exciting journey! Because we are only getting started…




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