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Welcome to PROP.architecture! Whether you’re a friend or family member simply reading this to fulfill your sympathetic duty, or just a curious clicker who happened upon this site by chance, I would like to start out by saying thank you. The journey we are about to embark on is one that no doubt is unfamiliar to me; perhaps even to the both of us. What could a 20-something year-old architecture student, with more baby teeth left in his mouth than years of architectural experience, possibly have to contribute to the discourse of architecture? Well.. I hope you’re ready to find out together.

My name is Collin Abdallah. Like I mentioned before, I am currently a 5th year architecture student at the University of Oklahoma. I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma, just far enough from what most would consider an “urban environment” that my first glimpse into real architecture didn’t come until after I had already made the decision to study architectural design at OU.

For me, the choice to study architecture was a naive one. I had very little exposure to design software in school. I would doodle cartoon characters occasionally, but would have never considered myself an artist. I have long had an interest in residential construction, but was never able to pin point exactly why. Until now.. (I think)

The reason for me starting this blog is not because I believe I have some revolutionary idea that I think will forever change the architectural world as we know it. I am no Bjarke Ingels or Rem Koolhaas, nor will I pretend to be. My inspiration comes from something much simpler than revolutionizing the architectural world. I am merely a product of the technological age.

I have recently acquired an acute obsession with podcasts. They are a great way to pass the time on a long commute, or keep your mind fresh while staring at a computer screen for hours on end. Many of the podcasts that have been fueling my fascination revolve around passive income strategies and how they can be implemented into an architectural practice. (If you’re curious, go check out the EntreArchitect podcast for a small taste of what I’m referring to.) The strategies are all directed at small firm residential architects. If you’ve ever had a conversation with me about what I plan on doing with my architecture degree, you know that being a “small firm residential architect” is my dream. I want the freedom of orienting my work life around my personal life; of having a 20 step commute to and from my office, rather than 2 hours; and, according to the podcasts, this blog is the first step toward that dream.

So, all of that to say.. welcome. Welcome to the beginning of my own journey toward being an architect and entrepreneur.

My intent is to post something new (whether that is a progress update on my final two semesters of design studio, a grand architectural epiphany, or perhaps just a funny anecdote associated with being 22 and in college) every Sunday night. I sincerely hope you’ll come back often, to begin your week with a little bit of PROP.architecture.

The practice of architecture is changing, and I am simply trying to get ahead of the game.






For more info on my passive income obsession, check out Eric Reinholdt and his YouTube channel: 30X40 Design Workshop


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  1. Go for it Collin!! Keep on dreaming! We believe you can do whatever it takes to get there. You are an intelligent, driven young man! We are very proud of you. Patty and Wes.

    1. Thanks, Jake! If you are interested, I highly recommend checking out Eric Reinholdt’s YouTube channel, 30X40 Design Workshop. He has a lot of great material relative to passive income in architecture.

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